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Digital Bookroom Solutions (DiBS) was started in 2014 when My Educational Partners (MEP) wanted to provide a simple free tool for schools to track and manage any of their existing and future print materials from any publisher, as long as it had an ISBN barcode, we could track it. This included Print 6-Packs in their “Bookrooms”, Classsets and even single copies. But no eBooks.

That product was named after the company and called “DiBS“.

In 2017, Digital Bookroom Solutions partnered with Lerner Publishing Group to relaunch Brain Hive which is a Print & Digital Distributor of educational materials.  This required DiBS to develop an entire HTML5 ebook platform specifically designed for the “Classroom” and the “Classroom Teacher”.  The new platform was launched 9/1/2017 with around 15K HTML5 ebooks.

The platform goes well beyond just reading ebooks and markups on those books.

Every title comes with free “Interactive Graphic Organizers” (GOs). Certain titles come with free book specific “Interactive Black Line Masters (BLMs)”. The GOs and BLMs can be used in used in “Side by Side” mode, providing a scaffolded way for students to fill out the GOs and BLMs next to the text they are pulling the information from, just as they would with print.

The Platform extends and reinforces both Print and Digital instruction and helps teach students Digital Literacy Skills.

 2/2018, we released a major upgrade to the “Teacher Dashboard”. This allowed teachers to be able to see all the markups, highlights an notes students are making in the book.

Additionally, the teacher can even see what the student filled out on the Graphic Organizers and activities with out having to take up papers.

Teachers can even see a detailed reading log of how the student is engaging with the text.

10/2019 we are launching DiBS digital fulfillment services

Essentially we can quickly create “White Labeled” versions of the platform for Publishers, Distributors and even school districts.

Contact us to see how we can help your company.